Speaker Date Topic
Gerry Gallagher-former head college football coach Jul 26, 2019
New Jersey Football Coaches Hall of Fame
Laura Lannin of Homeless Solutions Aug 09, 2019
update us on their organization and its current status
Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill Aug 23, 2019
What its like on Capitol Hill

Mikie will preseant an update on what she’s been doing as freshman Congresswoman and what its like on Capitol Hill.

Mikie Sherrill is a Democratic politician, a former United States Navy helicopter pilot, and a former federal prosecutor who has served as the U.S. Representative for New Jersey's 11th congressional district since 2019.


President Steve Augenblick Nov 08, 2019
Club assembly meeting
No Club mornign meeting Nov 29, 2019
Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday